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        幸运彩票中奖分析软件 » Regional Representatives (Santa Lucia)

        Regional Representatives (Santa Lucia)


        Santa Lucia Region

        Includes Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz counties


        Susan Graulty
        Educator RepresentativeContactEducatorRepButton


        Paula Simka
        Parent RepresentativeContactParentRepButton


        Welcome to the regional page for the Santa Lucia region of the California Association for the Gifted (CAG). The Santa Lucia region includes the Monterey, San Benito, Santa Clara, and Santa Cruz counties.

        Regional Representatives: 幸运彩票中奖分析软件

        Educator Representative

        Susan started her career in education in Indiana where she worked with special needs preschoolers. After finishing her credential Susan taught general education fourth and fifth grades. It was there that she found she had a gift working with at-risk students. Susan’s career path took a new turn after moving to California. She worked in a Juvenile Facility in Merced. When she and her husband moved to Santa Cruz, Susan took a position working in a Court Community Day School. Many of the students there were identified as GATE, but their emotional needs took them other places. Susan is now the Coordinator of Visual and Performing Arts, and GATE for the Pajaro Valley Unified School District. She has four wonderful daughters, Valerie, Stephanie, Natalie and Michelle. Her husband John is Dean of VAPA at Cabrillo College.

        Parent Representative

        Paula embarked on her journey into the gifted education as a result of her volunteering work at her children’s school. Witnessing how gifted children often go through school without having their academic needs met has led her to switch gears, leaving her industrial engineering background and entering the world of gifted education. As a passionate advocate for gifted children, Paula has successfully worked with the school administrators and staff to build a gifted program. Having graduated from the Three Summers Program in Gifted Education at the University of Connecticut, she currently serves as the Gifted Coordinator for Discovery Charter School in San Jose, working with gifted students, providing advanced resources for teachers, and supporting parents of gifted children.


        Membership in CAG supports advocacy efforts for gifted students in the state legislature, continued educator training opportunities, direct access to the Gifted Educator Communicator, and discounted conference fees.

        CAG Regional Meetings

        CAG Regional Meetings provide opportunities for administrators, educators, parents, and policy makers to gather to discuss gifted education in response to the diverse social, emotional, and intellectual needs in their region of California.

        Professional Development and Conferences

        58th Annual CAG Conference

        Palm Springs, California

        February 21-23, 2020

        For more information, visit the CAG Conference section of our website.

        County Office of Education Links

        CAG collaborates with county offices of education to support the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of gifted students in the state of California.

        Santa Clara County: /

        Santa Cruz County:

        San Benito County:

        Monterey County:

        Regional Events

        The following regional events are not hosted or sponsored by CAG, however, we would like to provide you access to information in your region that supports gifted education.

        No regional events are available at this time.

        Regional Resources

        Monterey County Gifted A new parenting support group for the families of gifted children in the Central Coast is forming. Anyone parenting gifted kids in the Central Coast is welcome, whether they are attending public-private or homeschool. The Monterey County Gifted is about connecting and empowering the Central Coast families who are raising gifted kids. This group supports parents’ rights to choose the best educational option for their own children, which will be different for each family. All members are encouraged to share resources, ask questions, and plan events. To join, please contact or Yahoo groups .

        Gifted 幸运彩票中奖分析软件schoolers Forum Guidance, support, designing education for gifted kids and their parents. Find more information .


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