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        幸运彩票中奖分析软件 » Regional Representative (Palomar)

        Regional Representative (Palomar)


        Palomar Region

        Includes Imperial and San Diego counties


        Sue Ann Bussey
        Educator RepresentativeContactEducatorRepButton


        Suzanne Hagen
        Parent RepresentativeContactParentRepButton


        Welcome to the regional page for the Palomar region of the California Association for the Gifted (CAG). The Palomar region includes the San Diego County and Imperial County.

        Regional Representatives: 幸运彩票中奖分析软件

        Educator Representative

        Sue Ann Bussey is an energetic advocate for gifted students as well as the educators and families who support them. For over twenty-five years, she has worked in the field of gifted education in myriad capacities. Throughout her career, she has served as a classroom teacher, district-wide GATE mentor teacher; a member of a district committee to develop a portfolio GATE identification system; a CAG Board Educator Representative; and an organizer of the CAG/Oceanside Unified Summer Demonstration School for the past five years. In the arena of professional learning, Sue Ann empowers educators and parents through trainings in literacy, differentiation, GATE, inquiry, and design thinking. When Sue Ann is not helping GATE students to achieve their potential, she is inventing new recipes, enjoying time with her family, playing with her Australian Shephard and traveling to historical sites.

        Parent Representative

        Suzanne Hagen has worked in the educational field for over 15 years and has become adept at differentiating instruction to meet the needs of GATE students. In that time, she has taught in elementary GATE classrooms, served on GATE identification and planning committees, and worked as a demonstration teacher at a GATE charter school. She has been an active participant in many seminars and summer professional development programs. Sue has been away from the classroom for a few years in order to raise her twin girls, but this experience has only provided new insights into early childhood learning.


        Membership in CAG supports advocacy efforts for gifted students in the state legislature, continued educator training opportunities, direct access to the Gifted Educator Communicator, and discounted conference fees.

        CAG Regional Meetings

        CAG Regional Meetings provide opportunities for administrators, educators, parents, and policymakers to gather to discuss gifted education in response to the diverse social, emotional, and intellectual needs in their region of California.

        1st Meeting Time: Sept. 29 – 4:00 Location: Educational 幸运彩票中奖分析软件 Center
        2nd Meeting Time: Jan. 9 – 4:00 Location: Google Hangout Virtual Meeting
        3rd Meeting Time: Feb. 23 – 5:00 Location: CAG Conference – Palm Springs
        4th Meeting Time: April. 10 Location: TBA

        RSVP for a CAG Regional Meeting by contacting your Educator Representative or Parent Representative.

        Professional Development and Conferences

        57th Annual CAG Conference

        Palm Springs, California

        February 22-24, 2019

        For more information, visit the CAG Conference section of our website.

        County Office of Education Links

        CAG collaborates with county offices of education to support the intellectual, social, and emotional needs of gifted students in the state of California.

        San Diego County Office of Education

        Imperial County Office of Education

        Regional Events

        The following regional events are not hosted or sponsored by CAG, however, we would like to provide you access to information in your region that supports gifted education.

        No regional events are available at this time.

        Regional Resources

        UCSD Extension’s GATE Certification offers training for educators who want to teach and develop programs for gifted and talented students. The program is offered to help educators meet educational training requirements for teaching gifted and talented students and to keep educations informed about recent research and curriculum development in the field.


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